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Dance Intensive-Program / 8th September 2014 - 3rd July 2015
  Dance Intensive-Program
8th September 2014 - 3rd July 2015
10 months
20 classes per week
individual support
320 € per month
The Tanzfabrik Berlin is offering a ten-month Dance Intensive-program for all those who would like to get more deeply involved into contemporary dance. The program is addressed to everyone interested incorporating dance into her/his life, either with the goal of becoming a professional dancer or pursuing a career in dance education or therapy.

Participants will have the chance to get more closely acquainted with the dance sector and gain insight into the various dance styles and genres. In this way, students can, among other things, lay the foundation for entering higher dance education directly, to prepare themselves for auditions at different institutions and schools.

The program is conceived as to provide every participant individual attention and care, to strengthen their creative potential, so that they may successfully continue their dance education at the higher-level institutions. The program’s goal is to lay the fundamentals by teaching a wide range of styles and techniques while also working on the integrity of body, form, alignment, dynamics and musicality.
The program is made up of 6 dance intensive classes per week. These classes are obligatory and exclusively reserved for the participants of the Dance Intensive course. The main focus of the program is contemporary dance. Additional classes are contemporary ballet, improvisation, composition, body work, applied anatomy as well as dance history. In addition, the participants can attend all classes within the regular ‘Tanzfabrik-Kursprogramm’. After an initial information and orientation period, every participant will have his/her individual schedule. The classes offer range from ballet, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, partnering, movement research, Release technique, Klein technique, freestyle and jazz to African dance, dynamic improvisation, yoga, pilates, feldenkrais, dynamic expansion, essence movement a.o. The participants will be able to work and present their own work as well as being part of group projects which will be led by teachers of the program.

Events and performances at the Tanzfabrik are free of charge during the program. The Dance Intensive-Program ends with a public showing on our studio stage.
All participants will also be given full support in putting together their CVs and application for dance schools and colleges.

The length of the course is ten months with a total fee of 3.200,- €. A monthly payment of 320,- € is possible.

Application process
Every applicant has to attend an information talk and an open contemporary dance class.
Dates: 15th & 16th March 2014 (Deadline for application 10th March), 17th & 18th May 2014 (fully booked), 14th & 15th June 2014 (fully booked), 9th & 10th August 2014 (fully booked). We are looking forward to your application in the next year.

Deadline for application
If all places for the open class are given away before the deadline ends we have to reject applicant even if they have sent their application before the appropriate time-limit. We hope for your understanding.

The decision if interested persons are taken is the one of Tanzfabrik.

Please send the application form and a current cv to Tanzfabrik Berlin:
Please apply using the application form on top: Download the form as PDF

To apply to the Dance Intensive-Program you must already have completed elementary school education and be at least 18 years of age. There is no maximum age limit.

Tanzfabrik Berlin
Geschäftsleitung/Dance Intensive-Program
Möckernstraße 68
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Dance Intensive is supported by Europäischer Sozialfonds.

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