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Transart Institute MFA Thesis Exhibition 2009 at ConcentArt Project Space, Kreuzbergstr. 28 

Berlin - Graduates of the 2009 MFA in New Media program will exhibit their thesis projects this year in Berlin. Thesis projects run the full gamut of contemporary artistic practices from oil painting to net art, including works in sculpture, photography, text art, software art, illustration, installation, performance, painting, drawing, dance, sound, video and new trans-genre hybrids. New art forms this year include the Confessional Monologue and an interactive dance-performance. Many of the 2009 Transart graduates are mid-career artists whose works are being shown and collected by distinguished institutions internationally.

Projects range from the uncovering of victorian artist Victorine Meurent’s life to "Diwata", an exploration into the discord between the historical archive and the lived experiences of a time past, to "the Leap", portrait of an athlete, "Mute Traces", a sculptural evocation of the instability of loss through trauma, "On Presidents and Superheroes" an ironic probe of social change growing up in Egypt through video, "www_hack 2.0" which gives body to an exploration of social web models, illustrations from "The Lost Thing", to "Three Weddings", photographic portraits, a father and people in-between, to "Micro-Listening and Autonomy" making audible sounds that occur in places, materials, or ranges that we cannot ordinarily perceive, "untitled" a non-linear video loop consisting of still frames from super 8, to a funeral and "Minor Spectacles" text art which includes a sampling of things that are impossible to substantiate.

Transart Institute MFA graduates 2009: Miranda Clark (USA), Simon Donovan (USA), David Dunn (USA), Nina Goldnagl (Austria), Jen Grasso (Germany), Rui Guerra (The Netherlands), Khaled Hafez (Egypt), Victoria Hindley, (Austria), Florian Kaeppler (Austria), Luis Malvacias (Venezuela), Mark Nakamura, Japan, Tal Rickards (Jamaica), Patricia Sellmer (Canada), Heather Thomas, (Canada), Josephine Turalba (Philippines), Samira Zamani, Iran.

Exhibition co-curated by Georgi Begun and Simon Donovan.

Location and Hours

Exhibition open hours: Wednesday, Friday: 17:00 - 19:00, Saturday 12:00 -16:00
ConcentArt is located at Kreuzbergstr. 28, D-10965 Berlin. Call +49 (0)30 7007 16 45 for directions or visit their website at:
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