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Transart Institute: Open house 

a chance to learn more about the program, and reception
Berlin - Transart Institute invites the public to attend the Summer Artist Talk and Lecture Series to be held at Tanzfabrik in Berlin this year. International guest artists and faculty as well as local curators will present. Events include "Voodoo Pricks: Rapture, Fizzure and Urban Space" by Ethnographer and Curator Myron Beasly, Ghetto Biennale 2009, "The Art of Digital Re-Appropriation" by Stephan Kovats,  Artistic Director, Transmediale 2009, Artist Talks by interdisciplinary artist Nicolás Estévez working mostly in performance art and public interventions, and Nancy Price dealing with relationship of textiles animating and extending bodies and personalities, as well as a "Simple Screen: Inbetweeners of Asia" film and video festival.

Tanzfabrik Berlin, Studio 1
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