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Diego Gil/Igor Dobricic 

"(…) “we” is always inevitably “us all” where no one of us can be “all” and each one of us is, in turn (where all our turns are simultaneous as well as successive, in every sense), the other origin of the same world (…)" Jean-Luc Nancy


The studio presentation is the result of two weeks of research on the methodology of work for the new production of Diego Gil and Igor Dobricic in close collaboration with Tian Rotevell, Pablo Fontdevilla, Felix Marchand and Paz Rojo.
"In THE HALF we are investigating moments where the act of music - making traverse the independent movement of the dancing body - creates and destroys shared meaning in one and the same gesture of mutual (mis)understanding."
In THE HALF Tian Rotevell will re-mix and re-compose songs that Pablo Fontdevilla has picked up to dance on them. Pablo will dance to the newly remixed track of music, re-mixing at the same time his own vocabulary of movement.
Composer and performer will work in parallel and divergent ways, producing a musical and dancing choreographic composition - a state of emergenc(y)e evolving in between two of them.
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