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Perfect Wedding
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Kenji Ouellet "Pièce touchée No 2" 

One-to-One-Performance: 4 Darsteller 4 Zuschauer_40 Min_in Englisch
Pièce touchée No 2 könnte als Suite, die sich dem Tastsinn widmet, beschrieben werden. Ausgehend von einer rein haptischen Choreografie werden nach und nach Beziehungsgeflechte und Synästhesien zwischen Berührung und Klang, Berührung und Musik sowie zwischen Berührung, Sprache und narrativen Strukturen angeboten. Die Körper der Besucher werden zum Ort der Performance. Kenji Ouellet kommt aus den Bereichen Performance, experimentelle Medien und Musik. In Pièce touchée No 2 unternimmt er eine herausfordernde Wahrnehmungsuntersuchung.
“Diese Arbeit verändert die Bedeutung von Berührung. Sie hinterfragt auf subversive Weise, verwöhnt, weckt die Sinne und die Wahrnehmung, überquert Grenzen und ist abstrakt und intim zur selben Zeit.“ A. Kaya, Crossbreeds festival

Pièce touchée No 2 could be described as a suite (in music a term for a grouping of related pieces considered as a whole) centered on the touch sense. Starting from purely haptic choreography, the performance goes on to gradually propose relationships (or synesthesias) between touch and sound, touch and music, as well as putting it into relationship with language and narrative. The piece is performed directly on the body of the visitor. Originating in Kenji Ouellet’s background in performance, experimental media and music, this piece is challenging and playing with various levels of perception.

“This work is changing the connotation of touch, it is subversively questioning, giving pleasure, waking up the senses and perception, crossing boundaries, being intimate and abstract at the same time.“ A. Kaya, Crossbreeds festival

Kenji Ouellet
Born in Quebec City, Canada, and based in Berlin, Media and Performance artist Kenji Ouellet first trained as a classical pianist (MA Piano Performance, City University of New York). He graduated in Digital Art at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna and in Experimental Media Design at the University of the Arts of Berlin in 2007. His work includes performances, experimental, fiction and dance films and media concepts for contemporary dance choreographies. Showings / Exhibitions (selection):
Media Forum, Moscow International Film Festival, Zendai Museum of Modern Art (Shanghai), Alucine Festival (Toronto), Videologia (Volgograd), Cologne Art Film Biennial, Strange Screen Festival (Thessaloniki), Le Havre Biennial, Media Art Friesland (NL), Art Fair Athena (Athens), European Media Art Festival (Osnabrück).

Aliénor Dauchez, Engineer for Urban Systems and Visual and Performance Artist, works at the interface between music, body and space. As an exhibition designer, she worked for Berlins Haus der Kulturen der Welt, at the Film Museum in Potsdam and for Raumlabor Berlin. She developed staging concepts and scenographies for many productions of the Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, showed at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse at the Radial System V in Berlin.
In her own performances Aliénor Dauchez explores the relationship between individual and collective behaviour in public spaces.

Chloé Serres
was born in Paris in 1985. During her education in ballet and contemporary dance at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Paris she works with Pedro Pauwels and Hervé Robbe, and dances in repertory pieces from Angelin Preljocaj and Mark Tomkins. She graduates in 2004 and works right after with the choreographer Anja Hempel in France and in Germany. She meets the choreographer Jean-Christophe Boclé in Paris in 2005 and has been working with him since then. In 2007 Chloé moves to Berlin, and dances here with the collectiv LaborGras, takes part in the Happening High Infidelity from Yann Ulrich, performs with the Cie BK from Philippes Rives, and works until now with the choreographer Marjana Krajac between Berlin and Zagreb. She also presents since 2009 her own choreographies and performances.

Melanie Wyss,was born in Switzerland. She studied Gymnastics and Massage at the Gymnastic School/Institute for Movement Pedagogy and Movement Therapy in Basel, and contemporary dance at the Dance Academy Balance1 in Berlin. She works as a movement educator, massage therapist, dancer and choreographer.

Von und mit Kenji Ouellet, Aliénor Dauchez, Chloé Serres, Melanie Wyss
Pièce touchée No 2 is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.

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