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Freistil - Die Kunst der Improvisation 

37. Freistil & Anfang des 4. Jahres. 3 Stücke, alle instant composition:

Trio: Mauro Basilio (Cello), Klara Linthe (Stimme), Heide Moldenhauer (Tanz)

Lily Kiara (Tanz & Poesie)
Singing to use the Waiting / # I am a Fish
Singing to use the waiting is a project investigating stillness and urgency through the use of poetry. It takes place during 2010 and 2011. In this time several pieces are performed in different settings and contexts. These performances are composed instantly and are part of the two-year investigation.
# I am a Fish dives into the possibility of dance being treated as documentary making. It interweaves and plays with story, history, family, memory and the relief of poetry. # I am a Fish is a flirt with this form through a continuous bouncing off of dance and writing. Documentary maker Pirjo Honkasalo: “You cannot ask people who are filmed in a documentary to act as someone else than who they are. And you have a great responsibility, because it is about real people, who may not realise what it means to be in a film.” (translated from Dutch).

Albrecht Walter (Chalumeau + Akkordeon), Astrid Weins (Bass), Thomas Kumlehn (Querflöte), Klara Linthe (Stimme und Gläser)

Alina Mikhaylova is a dancer from St.Petersburg. She creates solo improvised pieces as well as collaborates with musicians, singers, visual artists and theatre groups in Russia and abroad: AHE theatre, Dostoevsky theatre, Vladimir Volkov (bass), Julyen Hamilton, Pia Lindy and others. She facilitates so-called “Inner Space Training” based on combination of prana-yoga, somatic technique and improvisation.

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