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Freistil - Die Kunst der Improvisation 

Improvisationen mit/an evening of solos and duets
- Alina Mykhailova (Petersburg)
- Andrew Morrish (Paris)
- Lily Kiara (Amsterdam)
- Lisa Larsdotter-Petersson (Göteborg)
- Heide Moldenhauer (Berlin)

Lily Kiara is an Amsterdam-based dance artist, singer-songwriter and teacher. She has been making dance performances since 1989. Currently, she is working on a new full length performance I AM A FISH. In 2010 she started ‘Singing to use the waiting’, an ongoing dance project in which she works with stillness and urgency through the use of poetry by Jorie Graham. Her solo with dance, text and songs, ‘Moving South’ has been seen throughout festivals and theatres in the Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, three festivals in Finland, and in Russia and Australia. She has been working on different projects with Julyen Hamilton since 2005. She has a close collaboration with lighting designer Ellen Knops since 1995. Besides in the Netherlands, Lily has made work in Finland, Sweden, Greece, Australia and Indonesia.
Lily teaches workshops inspired by the poetics of technique and instant composition, and in Skinner Releasing Technique, throughout European countries, Australia and USA. She is a certified SRT teacher since 2001.
She released 3 solo albums and now has her own independent label for music and poetry Sibyl Sings. In 2006 she started the band Songs & Poems with acoustic folk/pop, poetry and a mix of improvised music.

Lisa Larsdottir Petersson, Göteborg. Freelance dance and visual artist, Lisa Larsdotter Petersson based in Göteborg Sweden. After studying Philosophy, Photography, and Sculpture in Sweden (1981 – 1987) Ms. L Petersson went on to, among else, study Instant composition, Contact improvisation and Authentic movement etc. in Sweden and Europe (1988 – 2011).
Using improvisation as an essential tool, Ms. L Petersson now combines all of these disciplines when creating her installations and performances of dance and movement-art. As well as presenting multi-disciplinary works in galleries, museums, theatres, and site-specific locations.
The last couple of years in Göteborg, Ms. L Petersson has initiated, produced and paticipated in several gatherings and projects of international and national artists who also wish to blend their disciplines by way of improvisation in live performances. One example of these larger projects is International Improvisation festival VARIA, realized five times in Sweden since 2006.

Andrew Morrish, Paris, has 30 years of experience working as a freelance performer, teacher and researcher into improvisation. He has worked internationally in theatre, dance and opera. He was an original member of Al Wunder’s “Theatre of the Ordinary” in Melbourne and his own improvisation practice was fostered by 8 years in Theatre of the Ordinary and 12 years working in close collaboration with Peter Trotman. He has developed his personal approach to teaching improvisation in the last 13 years and teaches extensively in Europe and Australia.

Alina Mikhaylova is a dancer from St.Petersburg. She creates solo improvised pieces as well as collaborates with musicians, singers, visual artists and theatre groups in Russia and abroad: AHE theatre, Dostoevsky theatre, Vladimir Volkov (bass), Julyen Hamilton, Pia Lindy and others. She facilitates so-called “Inner Space Training” based on combination of prana-yoga, somatic technique and improvisation.

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