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"Artistic Research Lab_Berlin" Open Studio mit Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren (US) & Joa Hug (Berlin) 

Dance and Architecture: Oskar Schlemmer Today

The dance works by Oskar Schlemmer (1888-1943), developed during the 1920’s at the ‘Bauhaus’, are recognized as major contributions to the innovation of theatre and have had a lasting impact on following generations of performance artists.
At the Open Studio we will present our research on Schlemmers work in dance and architecture, addressing a. o. the following questions:
What is the practice and philosophy of the moving body that informs Schlemmers choreography and related design work? What are the implications of this work for better understanding the relationship between architecture as a form of shaped space? That is, how do bodies shape space and architecture, and how does architecture shape bodies? And what might this inquiry have to offer us regarding new forms of dance?

As an interdisciplinary performance studies scholar and artist, director of Folded Paper Dance and an associate professor at the University of Washington, Bothell, Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren’s work revolves around perception, embodiment, memory; artistic research; disability and deaf theatres; theatre, water and the environment; Afro-Asian theatres; transdisciplinary arts practices; and dance and architecture. Under the aegis of Folded Paper Dance, her professional company, three productions of the Waterworks Cycle (2011-2016)—a multimedia collaborative performance project on water, urban experience, and sustainability--are underway for 2012, in Seattle, Delhi and Hong Kong. In the fall of 2012, as part of her research on water, dance, and architecture, she will develop work at The Wearable Lab at the Academy of Visual Arts (HKBU, HK) in collaboration with scientists, computer engineers, and digital artists that investigates dance, skin-fabric interfaces, and systems for mapping passage through the Hong Kong cityscape.

Joa Hug studied History, Political Science and Sociology at the Universities of Freiburg and Oregon/Eugene (US), and Choreography at the School for New Dance Development in Am­ster­dam. He worked as independent dancer with Body Weather Amsterdam a. o. and com­pleted his M. A. on Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam (2009). Based in Berlin, he initiated the Artistic Research Lab_Berlin and currently follows the doctoral artistic research programme at the Theatre Academy Helsinki. His investigation into the relationship between sensory perception and reflection connects practice-as-research on the grounds of Body Weather with questioning the epistemological and methodological potential of artistic research in and through contemporary dance.

Das Artistic Research Lab ist eine Initiative von Joa Hug, unterstützt von der Tanzfabrik Berlin

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