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Ami Garmon / squint production “Mutt“ 

If you’re looking for neatness, security, a corps de ballet, empathy, or hope, do not come to this showing.
MUTT- _ _ _ _ is a performance in-creation written and performed by Ami Garmon and Raja Feather Kelly. The duo star as 2 characters, Guy and Grace who assume the identity of a twin brother and a stranger. Guy and Grace share a fear of abandonment, loneliness and are fed up with ther own lives. Ami and Raja hijack space, time, and the bodies and minds of the audience or whatever other means necessary to tell this story. They themeslves get lost and find themselves reoriented in the fable they created. Who lives to re-tell the story remains unknwon.
the feath3r theory | raja kelly and ami garmon / squint productions are only prepared to offer you the raw, uncensored, director’s cut, of a highly rambunctious, movement, text, video performance about deceit, hopelessness, worry, confusion, and relentless desire loosely based on fiction.
We give to you, MUTT- _ _ _ _ as one of many in-development iterations from a series that will mature into a final staging of MUTT - _ _ _ _ and other 4-letter words. This progress showing promises to be that plane ride you’ll never forget, that shot-to-the-head, that time you got lost, your bad trip and the first, last and every lover in between. Leave your kids at home, and join Ami, Raja, and 11 other characters as they present an excerpt of their own never-ending story.
MUTT- B L U E will be performed as a work-in-progress at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, NY on October 5th and 6th, 2012.
MUTT- _ _ _ _ and MUTT- B L U E are works-in-progress as part of a larger project, MUTT-_ _ _ _ and other 4 letter words, which will be created and premiered in Berlin Summer of 2013.
Ami Garmon/Squint Productions is an American artist who lives and works in Berlin. She had trained as a dancer since childhood; in 1988 she left the U.S. for Paris, where she began a career that would consistently—though always differently—keep her on the shared borders of dance, performance art, and theatre. Raja Feather Kelly | the feath3r theory lives between NY, NY and Seattle, WA creating performance and working as a company member with David Dorfman Dance, zoe | juniper, RaceDance, Reggie Wilson/ Fist and Heel Performance Group and PEARSONWIDRIG Dance Theater.

Garmon and Feather met in 2009 at the ImPulsTanz International Dance Festival in Vienna, Austria where Garmon led a workshop “Biology and Biography’ of which Feather was a student. This same summer, Feather would offer dramaturgical assistance for the creation and completion of Garmon’s ‘Patience and Hunger’/Another Fucking Solo a HFK supported project that premiered April 15 2010.

Together again, Feather and Garmon share a focus on writing and performance, precision of movement and paradoxes of meaning. Their work together explores new performance methods and exploits the universality in autobiography, like Whitney Houston’s “I’m every woman” or Trajal Harrell’s “we are”. Their quest is to communicate and share, empathize or transform. The work of Garmon and Feather has a goal to exist as not only performance but as audiobook, photographs, film & video, and novella.

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