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Laura Jones “Re:Bound“ & “Falling Down“ 

Solo Performance & Screening
Re:Bound (2004)
A short dance film, inspired by the emotional journey I went through returning to dance after my spinal cord injury. As I explore my new personal movement potential, investigating movement patterns and discovering and testing my limits, the film charts the struggle and frustration as well as the enjoyment I experience from dancing.

Falling Down
Originally a solo extract from Tracking by Lucy Bennett, this is a new extended version. Set to a haunting love song to the memory of someone dear, the dancer tries to find comfort in her solitude while learning to reveal her vulnerability.

Laura Jones has been dancing with StopGAP since 2001, having previously worked with other integrated companies including Ohio-based Dancing Wheels.
She became paralysed after her GCSE’s but became the first person in a wheelchair to complete every aspect of A-level dance, and elected to accept her place in StopGAP rather than enter higher education.
In addition to her work in StopGAP, Laura developed her choreography and editing skills in Dance for Camera with an award from Dada-South. Laura’s film work has also been seen on Channel Five. Over 2005- 2006 Laura performed in two projects led by choreographer Caroline Bowditch, was on the advisory panel of CandoCo Foundation Course and in 2006, she joined the teaching team for the People Moving Project with Jo Parkes. Laura also danced in a project led by Jo Parkes in 2009, leading to performances in Germany.

Im Anschluss Laura Jones und Jo Parkes im Gespräch

Eintritt frei/ free entrance

Ort: Tanzfabrik Berlin/Wedding, Uferstudio 5
Uferstr. 8/23, 13357 Berlin

Am 10. & 11.11.12 Workshop mit Laura Jones “Integrated dance - the basics and beyond" (siehe Workshops)
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