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Dalija Acin Thelander "Unknown recollections" 

Text/Choreography/Light design: Dalija Acin Thelander (RS/SE) in a dialogue with Mala Kline (SI)
We are inviting you to take a part in a try-out of 'Unknown recollections', the project which is using text as a medium in order to create and delegate choreography to the audience. It proposes a structure and sets the conditions in which the audience is invited to take the role of the performer. The performance raises the alertness of the other and provokes the curiosity related to the actions which occur. It challenges the understanding of the situations, both from the perspective of the written story/texts and from the perspective of personal experiences and imagination.
“Unknown recollections“ contributes to the notion of choreography as expanded practice as well as to the notion of immaterial art. It favors the extensive experience of the audience over the virtuosity and perfection. The authorship in this project is deferred and withdrawn in the sense of surveying and controlling performance. It embraces the risks and welcomes unexpected turns and emergence.
“Unknown re-collections“ is a continuation of the practice that I started in my last project “Exercise for choreography of attention 'Point of no return'“ in which the choreography was in a book, consisting of simple texts and drawings, performed by the audience in various set-ups and spaces.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to perform/participate you should have with you your headphones and possibility to access the internet with your phone (wifi provided in the studio)

Co-produced by Weld, Stockholm; Premiere: March 27th 2014

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Ort: Tanzfabrik Berlin/Wedding, Studio 5
Uferstr. 8/23, 13357 Berlin
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