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Rui Silveira “When the Body is, and is, and is“ 

Rui Silveira (Portugal/Spain), Artist-in-residence at Tanzfabrik Berlin
Lecture/ Showing, ideas, registers, notes and actions of the work in progress
Mit diesem Showing laden wir zur aktiven Diskussion über die neue choreografische Arbeit des jungen Künstlers Rui Silveira (Portugal, Spanien) ein. In der 2-wöchigen Residenz an der Tanzfabrik Berlin beginnt er die Recherche und den Entwicklungsprozess von “When the Body Is, and Is, and Is” (Arbeitstitel). Den Konzepten der letzten Arbeit “Insider” folgend, interessiert ihn wieder der “soziale Körper”. Während “Insider” die männliche Figur zum Thema hatte, fokussiert er sich nun auf die subtilen Übergänge der Geschlechter. Er möchte auf die feine Linie zwischen maskulin und feminin aufmerksam machen: Androgynität als eine erster Zustand der Identität, der uns verschiedene Versionen von Selbst und für unsere Beziehungsrollen erlaubt. Now, during a 2 weeks residency at Tanzfabrik Berlin, I started the research and creation process of what I call “When the body is, and is, and is” provisional title of my new performance project. Following the concepts that I've worked in “Insider”, in “When the Body Is, and Is, and Is” I’m interested again in achieve a social body, but if on “Insider” I was focused on the male figure, in “When the body is, and is, and is” I'm interested in the subtle shadings of gender. On calling attention to the fine line between masculine and feminine: androgyny as a primordial state of identity that allows us to create alternate versions of ourselves and of our relational roles. Rui Silveira In my relation with choreographic composition I needs always a time for thinking, so I have to stop moving, even if I know that sometimes it could be seen a little bit contradictory. It’s the way I see creation, specially when I’m working on a solo: a time for doing a pause in my relation with the others, to listen myself and “read” all those new signs that suddenly “exploded” out of my hands, and allows me to be confronted with my own reflex ... with my own intimacy. Those signs are the ones that after being lived (so perceived) by myself are the ones that are going to be transmitted to the others trough my “choreographic compositions”. Those “choreographic compositions” are always casual. They’re produced as a kind of compositions that derives from intimate movements: real memories of physical presence that trigger the density and flavour of life. That’s why I think I’m always looking for a social body. A body that is even particular or specific and can deal with concerns that are universal. That was also a basis for my last solo “Insider”. “... that unformed, def, insignificant place where language can be revealed” (Michel Foucault) Rui Silveira, a portuguese young dancer and choreographer, lives and works between Lisbon and Barcelona. Graduated in Performing Arts, he studied contemporary dance with Vera Mantero, Joao Fiadeiro, Francisco Camacho, Nigel Charnock, Martha Moore, Howard Sonenklar a.o. Since 1997, he ‘s been working as a performer with several choreographers (Frans Poelstra, Miguel Pereira, Ludger Lamers, a.o.), dance and theatre companies (La Fura Dels Baus, Bomba Suicida, Ninho de Viboras and others) and also with visual artists such as Nadia Lauro or Fiorenza Menini. In 2000, he created the solo “T-h-i-s_i-s_m-y_b-o-d-y_w-h-i-c-h_i-s_b-r-o-k-e-n_t-o_y-o-u”, and the short pieces “85 Days in 15 Minutes” (2002), “30 Days in 15 Minutes” (2004) together with Catarina Gageiro by Degrau Zero (Lisbon). 2004, he was resident artist at C.E.N.T.A (Centre For New Artistic Tendencies), in Vila Velha do Rodao, Portugal. Most recently he created the solo performance “Insider” premiered on June 2005, Point Ephémère, Centre de Dynamiques Artistiques, Paris. His own work has been presented in festivals and theatre venues in Portugal, Spain and France. He’s one of the co-founders of the Barcelona based cultural association La Mekanica. Eintrit frei
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