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Jeroen Peeters "Admission to the tennis court - realm of youth, desire, excellence" 
Admission to the tennis court – realm of youth, desire and excellence
A lecture by Jeroen Peeters

In Woody Allen’s recent film Match Point (2005), the topos was once again rehearsed: a tennis coach gains access to aristocratic circles through his practical knowledge on the court and in bed. Or: through a common yet exceptional blend of the ‘immaculate mundane’, romantic love and an appetite for risk. It’s a myth exemplified by tennis, in which youth, desire and excellence coagulate in a phantasmal realm that incites but one thing: the aspiration to fully live and understand modern life and its paradoxes. How come this topos hasn’t ceased to fascinate male writers and artists since the 1920ies? Michelangelo Antonioni, J.G. Ballard, Gilles Deleuze, Witold Gombrowicz and Alfred Hitchcock will guide us on the court.

Jeroen Peeters (Brussels) was trained in art history and philosophy and is currently working as art critic and dramaturge. He publishes on dance, performance and art theory in various media and is editor of, on line platform for dance and performance criticism. At the moment he is an artistic collaborator with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods.
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