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Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro "The participative audience" 

"The participative audience"

Alongside the advent of a new sense for the word place which, under the new streams of critical geography, reformulates the prevalent concept of space as a geometrical site by mustering the realms of memory and experience, streams of 'place sensitive' art practice have also developed. The discourses on site-specificity, contriving the post-modern turn from the museum and gallery walls' purity to the idiosyncrasies of site, does not contemplate those emergent forms of art practice. Moreover, according to those discourses the inclusion of the observer is done by abstract processes and not by debating questions of authorship and participation that relational practices today will prefer to address.
This paper will further the reflections upon the conditions under which art practices debating these ideas arise, elaborates on the meanings of the term place-specificity and puts forward some propositions for the involvelment of audiences in contemporary artistic practices.

Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro
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