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Felix Ruckert “The Olympics of Contact” 

The Concept The event questions the ideology of Non Judgement in the Contact scene. It provokes questions of perception, performance and criteria of quality, the relations between technique and expression. The format of the sport event might help to look at the art of Contact Improvisaton in a fresh way. It is a participatory score where as many people as interested can participate. Estimated time: 2-3 hours. The Form This is an ironic attempt to introduce Contact Improvisation as a discipline for the Olympic Games. It is a participatory event, a score where „national“ teams of 5 dancers are formed and compete against each other for gold, silver and bronze medals. In ROUND ONE each team performs 5 minutes in front of a jury who judges the dances for virtousity and composition and attributes them points. The best teams pass on to the SECOND ROUND, where they again perform sets of five minutes until the three „best“ teams are found. To underline the irony of the event performers can compete in several „national“ teams at the same time. Participants can also choose the roles of jury members, fans, supporters, coaches, journalists, officials, etc.
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