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Cabula6/Jeremy Xido > The Angolan Project 

Lecture Performance
The Angolan Project started with a six-week investigation period in Lisbon, where Jeremy Xido did various interviews in the Angolan Community, questioning the colonial past and its relation with the present social order. The second part of the project “The Benguela Railway, Angola” will focus on the rebuilding of the Benguela Railway by the Chinese that cuts through the belly of Angola. Jeremy Xido will present the first research process of the Angolan Project in a Public Conversation with Lina Saneh.
Eintritt für den ganzen Abend: 10,-/8,-€
Anna Piotrowska > Look 4 Faces 
Anna Piotrowska works as choreographer, director, dance teacher, dance performer in Warzaw. “The figure of Swietowit will be a transitive one, to wander, to travel around people, places, to be a symbol of openness. We want to open up a discourse on identity, spiritual aspects of our lives, to bend over disappearing traditions, community feeling – especially here, in this running metropolis.” Co-Producers: Silesian Dance Theatre, Dance Development Foundation in Warsaw und ein weiterer work in progress > siehe Jeremy Xido
Foto: Dycewsk
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