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Marjana Krajaç "Endless Love - Transport / On Thought and Reaction" 

With and by: Marjana Krajac and Iva Korencic / Sodaberg Zagreb and collaborators
This choreographical work (which research will take place in several phases in Berlin and Zagreb) is on the issue of the co-relation between thought as an abstract output and bodily reaction as an material output. The theme of the work in general is a research on a the body ideologies inscribed in ones own body using a body activation from the zero point as starting point of the bodies potentiality. Some of the questions that are going to be part of our process are:
- How is the body thinking?
- Is any thought possible as bodiless at all?
- Is every thought anatomic anchored, connected inseparable from a bodyment
of a subject who produced it?
- And therefore inseparable from a bodyment of a subject who is a receiver
of the thought?
- How the bodily understanding of complex terms and materials functions?
- What are the phases of this process of understanding?

Unterstützt durch das Kulturministerium der Republik Kroatien, City Council for Culture Zagreb.
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