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Jan Burkhardt\ Jan Burkhardt


Jan Burkhardt, Tänzer und Choreograf, tätig im In-und Ausland. Schwerpunkte seiner Arbeit sind zeitgenössische Tanztechniken, Laban/Bartenieff Bewegungsstudien, Contact Improvisation, Body Mind Centering, multimediale Improvisation. Starken Einfluss übt auch seine jahrzehntelange Beschäftigung mit klassischer und zeitgenössischer Musik aus. Neben Performanceproduktionen sucht er immer wieder die Herausforderung und das Potential des öffentlichen Raums als Kunst- und Kommunikationsort. Projekte für und mit Profis; Arbeit mit Laien, Kindern und Jugendlichen.

Maya M. Carroll\ Maya M. Carroll


Maya M. Carroll (nee Lipsker)
Maya M. Carroll is a Berlin based choreographer, dancer and teacher. Her independent work began in 2004 in Israel, and continues in Berlin and Europe since 2005. As a dancer she worked with BatSheva Company, Lara Barsacq, Arkadi Zeides and Sasha Waltz and Guests to name a few. Since 2011 she formed The Instrument collective with composer Roy Carroll and designer Sarah Marguier. Side by side to creating dance pieces, producing works and touring, Maya leads open classes and workshops in Berlin and abroad on a regular basis. Her compositional and choreographic language is continuously researched and shared in her class.

The instrument
The Instrument teaching is a physical laboratory, offering a wide and rich practice / experience through the senses, the articulation of movement in time and space and the imagination. The act of 'the body as an instrument' suggests a deep attitude of perception and exploration. In many respects it allows the body and its plural systems to guide us, to live, behave and create in synchronization with our visions, perspectives and intelligence. This is manifested through form, energy, rhythm, touch and resonance. Along our practice we develop awareness, availability for new information and broadening of physical capacities. Clarity of presence in action is offered in every momentary task, and the importance of pleasure is placed in high priority. The class is conducted with flexible transitions between tasks, states, games and attentiveness. Re-orienting information in space and time is kept dynamic and alive, un-concluded and exposed to social updates, humanness and performance.

Bruno Catalano\ Bruno Catalano


Bruno Catalano is graduated to Danceacademy-EDDC in Arnhem (The Netherlands) in 2003. Bruno Catalano danced amongst others for Marcus Grolle, Katja Wolf, Morgan Nardi, Ornella D`Agostino, Tino Sehgal, Tiziana Arnaboldi. Since 2007 he is the co-director of the company PiccoliProduction with Simone Blaser. They made several pieces in co-production with the Tanzhaus Zürich and Gessnerallee (www.piccoliproduction.com). Since many year he’s teaching in several academies in Europe: Sead (Salzburg), TIP (Freiburg), Lem (Buenos Aires), Ials (Rom), etc. He’s also working with teenagers: teaching at steiner schools in Switzerland and cooperating with Christian Seiler, director of AGtheater in Zürich.

Here and Now - Technical contemporary dance class
The class is very strongly based on release technique and a relevant attention will be given to the floor work.
Aims of the class:
- to prepare the body to feel confident with the floor doing actions like rolling, swinging, pushing the ground;
- to be able to absorb the weight of the body dancing sequences going up and down from the floor;
- to develop the ability to use the floor as a possible “partner”;
- to acquire a variety of skills to be able to transform the floor in to a platform from wich is possible to make movement strongly based on the relationschip between weight and gravity force;
- to investigate the softness of the body to be able to move freely without tensing the muscles;
- to train the strength of the body to be able to dance with power some very dynamic sequences through the space;
- to learn extended and complex phrases dealing with speed and compactness;
- to assume a technical vocabulary with which to be able to make impressive and athletic movement without to put in danger the personal safety.

Bruno Caverna\ Bruno Caverna


Bruno Caverna is an internationally recognised dance artist/teacher well known for his charismatic and friendly personality. He has a vast background of capoeira, contemporary dance, acrobatics, Contact Improvisation and Qi Gong. Over the last 15 years, Caverna has been extensively researching ways of assimilating and integrating elements of these various forms into a more expansive somatic understanding. Caverna has always invigorated the passion of his profession with an inevitable humane impulse to interact with people of all kinds. This drive has propelled him into numerous eclectic projects. He has been invited to share his particular approach to dance and improvisation among the major schools, festivals and dance companies in Europe and overseas.

Playing in the Extremes
The overall concern is to research and explore the inherent polarity present in every life situation as the fundamental and inspirational element of self-expression. The workshop interweaves partnering, improvisation and floor technique with a deep research on breath-work. Participants are given a chance to leave the thinking mind behind and dive through the immediate sensorial world. Through conscious guidance and sense of humor, a space opens up where ideas of boundaries, limits, right and wrong seem to fade away. Almost like an aerobic meditation, one pushes into both extremes of strong physicality and utmost sensitivity – exploring and connecting all layers of perception and sensation.
From a deep personal research drawing together elements from capoeira, qi-gong, contact improvisation, and contemporary dance, emerges an organic, energetic, and unique physical language. A strong connection to the natural spiral energies running through the body, and focus on integrating deep states of awareness give the chance to find a full bodied expression on all levels. Even though the work can be very intense, the sense of lightness is never lost – the flavor of playfulness is a constant reminder and encouragement to never forget why we started dancing in the first place!

Capoeira and beyond
Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that mixes dance with combat, acrobatics with rhythm, and poetry with self-expression. It is celebrated as a ritual activity in a circular area called "roda”. This workshop welcomes people of all types to take their very first steps in Capoeira. In a friendly atmosphere everyone will be invited to interact and communicate with each other in unusual ways, sometimes in dynamic group situations, at other times through partnering exercises. The foundation is playfulness; the most important thing is not what you are able to perform, but how to enjoy yourself the most within your own possibilities and capacities.
What is most special about Bruno's class is that it doesn’t focus on learning the correct steps and form, but is more about the very essence of Capoeira; improvising, playing, and sharpening our instinct, sensitivity, and awareness of our partners. To come to a state beyond thinking, where our own bodies can teach and surprise one another by reinventing transitions, movements, and connections that may have seemed impossible before.

Ariel Cohen\ Ariel Cohen


Ariel Cohen, originally from Western Massachusetts, U.S.A., received her M.F.A. in Dance from Smith College and her Pilates and Rehabilitation certifications from Ellie Herman Pilates Studio. She has taught contemporary, ballet, contact improvisation, anatomy and composition at various universities and professional training conservatories in the U.S.. From 2007-2010 Ariel was co-director of the two-woman dance company, slipperyfish dance, which received numerous awards and performed throughout the Northeastern U.S. Since moving to Berlin from New York City in 2010, she has had the pleasure of performing with Tino Sehgal, Nir De Volff/Total Brutal, Backsteinhaus Produktion, Micha Purucker, The Nurnberg Oper, and Joshua Monten, among others.

Class Description
By paying close attention to the mechanics of how things are done, we will search for the most economic movement pathways; finding our way from the floor, into handstands and other inverted work, through standing phrases, eventually connecting them into a final dance. Class consists of some brainy choreography, building upper body strength, developing clarity and becoming fearless in our ability to drop onto and across the floor. It is my belief that learning a kinesthetic art is achieved through the act of doing. Therefore, we will dance the full hour and a half.

Photo: Karine Jost
Maria Colusi\ Maria Colusi


Maria Colusi, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied classic and contemporary dance at the Taller de Perfeccionamiento of the Teatro San Martin. And in Usa with Lisa Rase,David Dorfman, Martha Mayers and Rafael Barrantes at American Dance Festival. In January 2001 she got a scholarship at the Fundacion Antorchas to study dance and composition in France after this she decided to stay in Europe to continue studing contemporay dance and Improvisation with Renate Graziadei/Laborgras, Jeremy Nelson, David Zambrano, Julian Hamilton and Rosalind Crisp. She works in Argentina with Roxana Grinstein, Oscar Araiz and Ana Maria Stekelman (Compania Tangokinesis. She performed at festivals in Brasilia, Argentinia, Europe and Northamerica. Her first piece “Doigt couleur Carmin“ was premiered in 2001 in Buenos Aires. In Germany she worked with David Moss at the Institute of Living and Heike Henning. She has been working since 2002 with Sasha Waltz in many productions and Dialoges improvisation in France and Germany. In 2011 she performed a Solo work “Witness“ in Uferstudios Berlin.

Class Description
To be present in the moment, no future, no past , now…. The class is an ongoing experimental journey, taking the mind as explorer of our feelings and thoughts, listening the dialogue in between them. First we work in the floor using it as a support to realise tension of the superficial muscles finding the alignment and softnees of the bones structure through the breathing to optimize and amplify the movement in our own body. Gradually we use the same principles to build the verticality driving the body into space, excercising changes of qualities weight and momentum through the choreographic sequences. Sometimes we use improvisations tools to aproch the task or quality that we are looking for.

Jess Curtis\ Jess Curtis

low-flying release technique

Jess Curtis is a director and performer of interdisciplinary dance/performance. Working independently, and in the collective performance groups CAHIN-CAHA, Cirque Batard (France/USA'98-2002) CORE (USA '94-98), and CONTRABAND (USA'85-'94) he has created and collaborated on numerous award-winning performance works known for their intense physicality, emotional honesty and athletic beauty. In 2000 he founded Jess Curtis/GRAVITY as a research and development vehicle for very live performance. Gravity aspires to the creation of exceptionally engaging physical entertainment that explores and addresses issues and ideas of substance and relevance to a broad popular public. Jess has received four Isadora Duncan Dance awards, was a recipient of the prestigious 2001 California Dancemakers Fellowship and recently was awarded a Fringe First Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for his work, fallen. He recently premiered a new evening length piece entitled “Touched: Symptoms of Being Human” in June 2005 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts where he was a Fellow in the Wattis artist-in-residence program.

Fundamentals of Motion, a low-flying, released technique
Class will begin with floor-work based in organic movement fundamentals and incorporating breath and sound to warm and expand the joints and muscles. From the floor we will explore multiple pathways to standing, bringing the center of gravity over the support of the legs, feet, arms and hands. Developing speed and awareness, we will focus on the body in motion and the qualities of motion in the body.Velocity. Airtime. Fun. Sweat.
Edivaldo Ernesto\ Edivaldo Ernesto


Edivaldo Ernesto wurde in Maputo, Mosambik, geboren. 1997 lernte er in der Gruppe Tsemba vier Jahre lang traditionellen mosambikanischen Volkstanz. 2001 wurde er Mitglied der westafrikanischen Tanzgruppe Ussoforal. Anschließend tanzte er bei der Compagnie Esculturas Humanas, wo er begann, sich mit zeitgenössischem Tanz auseinanderzusetzen. Außerdem nahm er im Rahmen eines sechsmonatigenTrainingsprogramms von CulturArte, Maputo/Mosambik, und der Organisation Dancas na Cidade, Lissabon/Portugal, an zahlreichen Workshops von Boyzie Cekwana und Desire Davids (Südafrika), David Zambrano und Mat Voorter (Venezuela/Holland) sowie Faustin Linyekula (Kongo) teil. 2005 erhielt er ein sechswöchiges Stipendium des danceWEB Programms in Wien. Zu sehen war. Edivaldo Ernesto bis jetzt unter anderem in »twelve flies went out at noon«, »soulproject«, »SHOCK« und in »land in love« in der Choreographie von David Zambrano. Zudem wirkte er zusammen mit David Zambrano sowie solistisch an verschiedenen Improvisationsstücken mit. Seit 2007 arbeitet Edivaldo Ernesto mit Sasha Waltz und gehört seit 2008 zum festen Ensemble von Sasha Waltz & Guests. 2010 wirkte Edivaldo Ernesto am »50 days program« in Costa Rica in der Choreographie von
David Zambrano mit. Seit 2012 arbeitet er mit der Tänzerin und Choreographin Judith Sánchez Ruíz an spontanen improvisatorischen Performances, dabei entstand das Duett »There is a name for it«. Edivaldo Ernesto arbeitet seit 2008 als Assistent von David Zambrano mit P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios) in Brüssel zusammen. 2013 sind weitere Zusammenarbeiten mit Tanzstudios und Festivals entstanden, unter anderem mit Deltebre Dansa in Spanien, dem RADIALSYSTEM V in Berlin und DansCentrumJette in Brüssel.

Edivaldo Ernesto was born in Maputo (Mozambique). He began to dance in 1997 with the tsemba dance group, where he learned Mozambican traditional dance for 4 years. In 2001, he was invited to be a member of Ussoforal, a western African traditional dance group. In 2003, he started dancing with another company -Escultutas Humanas where he has begun his contemporary dance. That same year, he was accepted for the 1st stage of a choreographic development project, a six months training program organized by CulturArte (Maputo-Mozambique) and Dances na Cidade (Lisbon-Portugal). Through this program he attended several workshops with Boyzie Cekwana and Desire Davids (South Africa), David Zambrano and Mat Voorter (Venezuela-Holland), and Faustin Linyekula (Congo). In 2005, he participated in the DanceWeb (Europe) Scholarship for six weeks (intensive workshop) in Vienna. He performed in »twelve flies went out at noon«, »soul project« , »SHOCK« and »land in love« directed by David Zambrano. He has been performing improvisation duets with David Zambrano and also as soloist. With Sasha Waltz he is working since 2007 and is a permanent ensemble member of Sasha Waltz & Guests since 2008. In 2010 he participated in the 50 Days program (Costa Rica) directed by David Zambrano. 2012 he began working with Judith Sánchez Ruíz in spontaneous improvisation performances and they created a duet (»There is a name for it«). Since 2008 he is collaborating with the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.) in Brussels as assistant of Davide Zambrano. In 2013 Edivaldo Ernesto has been collaborating with dance studios and festivals such as »Deltebre Dansa« in Spain, »RADIALSYSTEM V« in Berlin and »DansCentrumJette« in Brussels.

Class Description
"The next level" class, is based on Flying Low technique and the Passing Through game from David Zambrano, together combined with the rhythms of the traditional dances from Mozambique and from the West Africa and also with my experience at Sasha Waltzs work,"The next level" is also about energy,it is a very physical class, we run a lot, moving through the all room with a very strong individualities we all form a very height energetic goup dynamic equilibrating all the individualities in to a similar level, with different tempos we go to the floor and out of the floor
like water, we will also practice awareness of multi direction, calm run, capoeira drills, jump in to the floor and out of the floor applying the rules of Flying Low ,without forgetting any part of the body including your self, if necessary we use our voices, i also love to shere the concept of " fighting for what you love to do", and " that a great power can bring great possibilities", and so in the class i encourage the studants to challenge the limits and break all the obstacles that they think they face in their daily life, without hurting them selfs, i ask them to take to the next level.

Shai Faran\ Shai Faran


Shai Faran is an Israeli dancer, teacher and choreographer, based in Europe. After studying in the dance department at the Misgav High School, she continued her studies at the Haifa dance workshop for dancers and choreographers. She danced for the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company II, the Sigma Ensemble, the Dafi Altabab Dance Group and then moved to Europe, where she has worked with different choreographers such as Matej Kejzer, Maya M.Caroll, Zoe Knights, Yuval Pick, Shumpei Nemoto, Maura Morales Alessandro Sciarroni and more, and performed around Europe.She created several works which won scholarships from the America- Israel Cultural Foundation and the foundation named a$er Ehud Manor. In the last few years she has been teaching contemporary dance and improvisation classes and workshops around Europe while developing her own work and working as a free lance dancer, teacher and choreographer.

class description
My class starts with an active warm-up. Waking up the joints, bringing the awareness of the body and the mind into the space and using the information around us to create movement. From there we will continue into a more challenging and physically demanding improvisation, leading the body in relation to itself and in relation to the space around it. Using simple tasks like moving the body in curves and lines, moving the joints inside the body and the body through space, dancing to the music and finding the expressiveness of the body, and then integrating all of this into a multi-layered movement, which is full of different qualities, textures, shapes and dynamics. Through exploration of all the possibilities that we have we will get into an open improvisation, using the tasks which were proposed before and connecting them together into our own DANCING.
"The class I am teaching is influenced by different improvisation systems I’ve learned through out the years, combined with the things I am working on and fascinated by at the moment."

Frey Faust\ Frey Faust

Axis Syllabus

Frey Faust: After receiving primary discipline and essential experiance under the tutelage of his mother from ages 8 to 15, Frey Faust went on to accumulate an eclectic skill-set including contact improvisation, pantomime, capoiera, aikido, percussion, voice and several modalities of dancing. He traveled across the US, and then to Europe to augment his own artistic study and practice through collaborations with choreographers such as Gina Buntz, Donald Byrd, Merce Cunningham, Nita Little, Ohad Naharin, Meredith Monk, Janet Panetta, David Parsons, Randy Warshaw and Stephen Petronio, to name a few.
A two-year stint as artist in residence at the Werkstaat e.V. Duesseldorf (now the TANZ HAUS NRW) allowed him to set the foundation for his pedagogical and artistic vision. Since then he has traveled the world, teaching and collaborating with like-minded artists. He is the author of the book and the originator of the Axis Syllabus; a method for teaching movement, through which he aspires to assist his students to deepen their understanding and responsable use of nature's ingenious gift, the human body.

Besides ongoing research and re-writing his book in preparation for a second edition, he continues to find contexts for collaborative art-work, most recently with Mirva Makinen in "The Balance Project", Francesca Pedulla and Richard Adossou in "Two Among Us", and "No Compromise" with Anna Claudia Pedone.
Chaim Gebber\ Chaim Gebber


Chaim Gebber, Brazilian choreographer, dancer and dance teacher Chaim Gebber has been working for many years with various companies of the brazilian dance scene. His first work “Pressagios da loucura” (1993) was named the best choreography of the year from UNESCO and CIDC (Conseil International de la danse, Paris). He moved to Germany in 2001 where he held engagements as a teacher and solo dancer at several theatres and private companies. In 2005 he decided to work on his own dance projects in Berlin. From 2007 - 2011 Chaim Gebber has also been living and working in Shanghai, China. His choreographies have been shown in Europe, Brazil and Asia.
Besides his choreographic work, Chaim Gebber gained recognition as a teacher for professional dancers. He conducted workshops with Theatres and independent dance companies around the globe such as: Cia. de Danca do Palácio das Artes (BR), National Theatre Darmstadt (GER), National Theatre Kassel (GER), Jin Xing Dance Theatre (CH), Beijing Contemporary Dance Theatre (CH), Architanz (JP) or cultural institutions alike.

The "Consious Body" - Classdescription
The "Consious Body" teaches the dancer to work continuously and precisely with his body. It enlivens the body, working with different patterns to re-collect, reallocate and integrate, strengthen, activate and bring into full awareness energetic units of deep body consciousness. Predominant is the work with the floor. By pressing certain body points against the floor, which means transfer of weight, power can be reduced and movements are established by a logical consequence. It guides the dancer to focus in an efficient way to use his energy, and to work consequently, concentrated and continuously with his body. The "Consious Body" gives room to develop deep familiarity with highly personalized movements. Everybody has the possibility to work individually and to concentrate on himself.
Marcela Giesche\ Marcela Giesche


Marcela Giesche (US/DE) is a freelance artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. She studied dance and choreography at the Rotterdamse Dansacademie and The Ohio State University where she received her BFA. She has received numerous scholarships including participation in the danceweb 2010 at Impulstanz. Marcela has danced for Bianca Van Dillen and Beppie Blankert in the Netherlands, with Neuer Tanz / VA Wölfl, and Canan Erek in Germany, and for the Italian company Deja Donne. She has taught and presented her work in the USA, Canada, and across Europe. In the past three years she has been working extensively with Bruno Caverna as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. She has also been developing her own research in movement improvisation with strong focus on partnering, musicality, and spatial/energetic awareness.

The class consists of a combination of dynamic release techniques and floor work intertwined with improvisational elements designed to open and expand the possibilities of the performer. Continuous movement flow, partner-work, improvisation, awareness of musicality, and the use of imagery are used to bring the dancer into a state where the class becomes a journey while thoroughly warming up the physical body. Rather than focusing on specific body forms, Marcela’s techniques work on finding clear geometric energy patterns running through the mind, body, and space, which drive the movement with momentum. A sweeping movement phrase is what finally brings the elements of technique, performance, and improvisation together in a full bodied personal expression.
Romain Guion\ Romain Guion


erhielt seine Ausbildung am Conservatoire National Supérieur de Danse et de Musique in Paris (CNSMD) und arbeitete später u.a. mit Charleroi-Danses (Belgien), National Dance Company Wales, Dance Theatre Ireland, John Scott's Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Gelabert-Azzopardi Companya de dansa (Spanien), Eun Me Ahn Dance Company (Südkorea), PVC-Stadttheater Freiburg, Ballett Mainz und Alain Platel - Les Ballets C de la B (Belgien).
Seit 2000 ist er auch mit großem Enthusiasmus als Choreograph und Lehrer für Modern Dance und Yoga tätig. Er unterrichtete Workshops und Kurse in Deutschland, Wales, Spanien, Italien, Südkorea.
Während eines Studienurlaubs 2004 hatte Romain die Gelegenheit die Welt zu bereisen und mehr über einige seiner Leidenschaften wie z.B. Yoga, Kalaripayattu and Ayurveda zu lernen.
Seit 2010 ist Romain Mitglied des LUCKY TRIMMER Teams und versucht junge Choreographen und talentierte Tänzer zu unterstützen, ein internationales Tanznetzwerk zu schaffen und Menschen zu verbinden, die die gleiche Begeisterung für den zeitgenössischen Tanz teilen.

Romain Guion Romain trained at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Paris (CNSMD) before joining various dance companies such as Charleroi-Danses (Belgium), National Dance Company Wales (UK), Dance Theatre of Ireland, John Scott's Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Gelabert-Azzopardi Companya de dansa (Spain), Eun Me Ahn Dance Company (South Korea), PVC-Stadttheater Freiburg (Germany), Staatstheater Mainz (Germany) and more recently Constanza Macras - Dorky Park (Berlin), Smallpetitklein dance company (Scotland) and Alain Platel - Les Ballets C de la B (Belgium). In 2013-2014, Romain will be assisting Alain Platel as artistic coach and movement adviser on a new production with Congolese musicians and will be collaborating with Sally Marie, recipient of the "special award" at the New Adventures Choreographer Award (UK).
Since 2000 Romain has also taken an interest in choreographing and transmitting his knowledge of contemporary dance and yoga teaching around the world (Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, South Korea).
A sabbatical year taken in 2004 allowed him to travel the world and pursue some of his passions such as yoga, kalaripayattu and ayurveda.
Since 2010, Romain is on the board of directors of the biannual dance festival LUCKY TRIMMER dedicated to the short choreography format and focusing on supporting emerging choreographers.

Teaching experience for professionals includes dance company trainings, open classes (Modern technique & Yoga) and workshops:
Cie Toula Limnaios (Berlin, Germany)
Staatstheater Braunschweig (Germany)
National Dance Company Wales (UK)
Gelabert-Azzopardi Companyia de Dansa (Spain)
Tanzfabrik Berlin
Dock 11, Berlin
Marameo, Berlin
Bewegungsart, Freiburg (Germany)
TanzNetzDresden (Germany)
Educational teaching experience in schools, universities and dance colleges (workshops, summer & Easter courses, Teaching Method Workshops)
Technical & Creative workshops - Les Ballets C de la B method
Mentor & rehearsal assistant for the Graduate Ensemble (Education program of the National Dance Company Wales for dance post graduates)
Cardiff Metropolitan University - Dance Department (UK)
The Iwanson International School of Dance (München, Germany)
Pyoung Chang Dong High School of Performing Arts of Seoul (South Korea)
Institute Del Teatro, Barcelona (Spain)
Associazione Endas Ensemble (Italy)

Class Description:
The class includes some elements of Release & Limon technique, extensive floor work, yogic philosophy, breath exercises and simple yoga practice. The aim of integrating those different but complementary elements is to focus on achieving technical excellence, increasing body/mind awareness, breath control and energy. By combining floor work and dynamic standing sequences (all supported by the breath), the class stimulates the cardiovascular system and increases stamina. The focus is also placed on the anatomy of movement and physiology (for example connection head/sacrum) and on body in space.

Motto: Through a structured, high paced and technical contemporary class, dancers are invited to find power, energy and quality of movements in relaxation.

Melanie Lane\ Melanie Lane


Melanie Lane, born in Sydney, graduated from WAAPA in 1999. Since graduating she has travelled to Europe working with various companies and artists throughout Europe such as Kobalt Works | Arco Renz (B), Club Guy and Roni (N), Tino Seghal (G), Carte Blanche (N) and PVC (G). Since 2007, Melanie is artistic collaborator to Belgian dance company Kobalt Works | Arco Renz.
As Artist in residence at Dock 11 studios and Tanzwerkstatt in Berlin, she has established a repertory of works performing in Germany, France, Portugal, Australia and Switzerland.
Her collaborative work extends to artists such as musician CLARK (Warp records), choreographer Morgan Belenguer, video duo Photone, Film makers Timo Schierhorn and Eva S.Aridjis.
In Australia, Melanie has choreographed two new works for The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and a work in progress for Sydney dance company members. Melanie continues to work with Australian independent artists Antony Hamilton and Paea Leach, participating in their most recent projects.
Based in Berlin, Melanie continues to develop her work as well as offering professional training and workshops locally and abroad. She is a guest teacher for companies such as Carte Blanche,Tanztheater Bielefeld, Sasha Waltz and Guests, PVC dance company and Nordwest/Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg.

Class description
The training begins with a gradual warm-up sequence that opens the joints, expands the skeletal structure and stimulates the muscular systems. Through a combination of movement sequences and mini improvisations, a physical language based on spiral and expansion techniques will guide the body into time and space. This training gives space for personal expression and freedom while working deep into the body. The class is a consequential development of physical explorations, developing towards a final movement combination that will accumulate during the course of the week.
Michael Löhr\ Michael Löhr


Michael Löhr studied contemporary dance at the cologne university of music and dance. he subsequently received a scholarship from the goethe institute to visit the annual summer academy in kyoto, japan. he joined germany‘s tanztheater bielefeld and nordwest / tanzcompagnie oldenburg where he worked with rami be‘er, shlomi bitton, ingun bjørnsgaard, lionel hoche, jan pusch, jo strømgren, guy weizman & roni haver and gregor zöllig. michael decided to move to berlin in 2009 in order to start working as a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher. next to creating his own work, he has been involved in various projects including collaborations with emanuel gat dance, ahn eun-me company, clint lutes, walter bickmann and has performed at numerous dance festivals across europe, asia, north- and southamerica. in addition, he has been working as choreographic assistant for emanuel gat (ballet national de marseille, polish national ballet) and amala dianor (cie. amala dianor). michael is regularly teaching contemporary classes for dock11, marameo, pvc tanz freiburg, tanzhaus nrw and others. for more information please visit www.mlcontemporary.com

Class Description
my class develops from plain and pure body-work / work-out exercises, through short floor- and standing combinations into more complex choreographic sequences. some of the basic principles which are constantly worked with are: finding, strengthening and shifting the center, being on and off balance, resting and exploding into space, moving expansively and taking risks. the class is very physical, energetic and athletic but it also focuses on increasing the physical awareness in order to work within a frame in which one can push his individual limits but keep the body safe. i want to encourage the participants to take their own decisions, so they can find their own way of playing with quality, musicality and dynamics and strenghten their individual expression as a performer.

Tamas Moricz\ Tamas Moricz


Tamas Geza Moricz has worked most notably with William Forsythe and the Ballett Frankfurt. He worked with and performed pieces by Jan Fabre, Mats Ek, Jyri Kylian, Jonathan Burrows, Saburo Teshigowara, Antony Rizzi, Jacopo Godani, Amanda Miller, Crystal Pite, Ryuichi Sakamoto and many others. Tamas is teaching the Forsythe Improvisational Technologies and giving ballet classes at companies and dance academies around the world: P.A.R.T.S, Cullberg Ballett, D.A.N.C.E, Arsenale della Danza at Venice Biennale a.o.

Dynamic Ballett
My interest in a ballett training is to create a class not only to focus on technique, but also to explore dynamics, speed, grace and musicality, where working on form and technique becomes flowing and creates actual dance.
My aim is to ease rigidity and apply freedom of movement while still retaining a technically challenging class. The execution of a ballett combination is always a mix of form and flow on command and I'm interested in the balance between these components.
Clarity of positions and the elegance of lines should not suffer a loss to freedom of movement and my focus is to explore the dancers own sense of movement and to help them make their dancing more articulate, joyful, precise and also fulfilling.

Britta Pudelko\ Britta Pudelko


Britta Pudelko kam über eine Ausbildung im klassischen und Modernen Tanz u.a. am Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, New York zum zeitgenössischen Tanz. Großen Einfluss auf diese Entwicklung hatten die Studien mit Stephen Petronio, Jeremy Nelson, Luis Lara Malvacias, Susan Klein und Barbara Mahler.
Sie tanzte u.a. für Bernard Baumgarten, Robert Poole, Christoph Winkler, Michael Clark. 1997 gründete sie zusammen mit Katrin Geller die Kompanie Pathfinders, für die sie bis 2000 drei Stücke erarbeitete. Seit 2001 ist sie Mitglied im Ensemble von Achim Freyer. 2004-2006 arbeitete sie als choreografische Assistentin und Tänzerin in London mit Akram Khan für die Produktion "MA", mit der sie auch auf Welttournee war. Seit 2008 ist sie regelmäßig als Gastdozentin für die Sascha Waltz Company tätig und unterrichtet im Studio LaborGras, Berlin. Im Dezember 2009 gründete sie zusammen mit Patricia Woltmann das Kollektiv Patty & Britty und die Impro-Gruppe grape shade mit Biliana Voutchkova, Ingo Reulecke und Klaus Janek.

Schwerpunkt der Technikklasse ist es durch anatomisch korrekte Arbeit mit unserem Instrument, dem Körper, einen befreiten und dynamischen Bewegungsfluss zu erreichen. Klarheit von Bewegungsansätzen zu schaffen und durch den geringst möglichen Krafteinsatz Bewegung zu initiieren. Am Anfang der Stunde nehmen wir uns Zeit in unserem Körper anzukommen, unser Skelett zu erkunden, Gelenke zu öffnen und Verbindungen in unserem Körper und im Verhältnis zum Raum zu erforschen. Darauf aufbauend entstehen Bewegungssequenzen, welche zuerst sehr einfach gehalten sind. Am Ende der Stunde werden wir eine komplexere Choreografie zusammenstellen, um den Tänzer/Innen die Möglichkeit zu geben Ihre darstellerischen Fähigkeiten und Präsenz mit dem erarbeiteten Material zu verbinden.

The main focus of this technique class lies on the anatomically correct work with our instrument, the body. The goals are a free and dynamic way of moving, to become clear where the movement initiates from and to find a way to move with more efficiency.
In the beginning of the class we take our time to arrive in our body, to discover our skeleton, to open up our joints and to find the connections within our body and the space. Based on this work we create movement sequences, which start very simple and allow us to apply the information from before. Through a more complex choreography during the last part of the class we have the chance to use the technical work to express our individual and theatrical talents.

Eldon Pulak\ Eldon Pulak


Originally from Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada, Eldon trained at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and danced with several companies in Canada such as the Alberta Ballet, Ghislaine Dote Virtuo Danse and Jose Navas/Compagnie Flak. He has worked with many choreographers such as Shawn Hounsel of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Jordan Morris of the RWB and has also guest performed with the Virksy National Dance Company of Ukraine and for her majesty the Queen of England. Eldon very recently moved to Berlin where he will be teaching, performing and choreographing.

Class Description
Influenced by the likes of ballet to hip hop and parkour, this class contains a mix of movement styles connecting them all through similar principles of weight transfer, alignment, base of support, release technique and transitions. The class will begin with a warming up through a series of active fluid movement incorporating tactile and sensory feedback and then progressing to more dynamic complex phrases playing with the dynamics of speed, power and momentum. Come out and play!

Iliana Reynolds\ Iliana Reynolds


Born in Europe but raised in the United States, Ilana Reynolds graduated from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a BA in a self-designed major titled Social Change through the Performing Arts. As a dancer, a teacher, and an improviser Ilana’s background and influences are based in Afro-Brazilian dance/Capoeira, Release Technique and improvisation. From 2004-2012, she was based in the United States where she worked with numerous dance companies. Her longest collaboration was with Brazilian choreographer Augusto Soledade/Brazzdance in Miami, FL. She toured nationally and internationally with the company serving as rehearsal director, repertory teacher and dancer. From 2008-2012 she was awarded four artistic scholarships through the State of Florida and City of Miami to study with choreographer Christine Brunel in Essen, Germany and The Bill T Jones and Arnie Zane Dance Company, NY, NY. In 2012, she moved to Berlin to continue her research in contemporary dance practices and performance. In Berlin she, along with 7 other international artists, co-founded Lake Studios Berlin an artist-run rehearsal/performance space (www.lakestudiosberlin.com). Ilana was an artist in residence 2013 at OMI-International Art Center in New York, as well as was the artist-in-resident at THE RED VELVET THEATER, Miami, FL where she created her first full evening of work entitled A constellation of solos and improvisations. She continues to develop her own teaching method where her focus is on exploring the fullest potential of one’s physical and expressive body through elements of dance improvisation, somatic work and contemporary dance.

Class Description:
This class is about building an active body. One that is responsive, reactive, sensitive, and intelligent. We begin by building a relationship and awareness between two spaces: our internal space (bones, muscles, articulations) and our external space (the environment in which we exist). The process starts by noticing sensations and energetic pathways in our body. This is done through a combination of alignment exercises, which are supported by the guiding rhythm of the breath, the weight of our skeletal structure and our connection with the floor. Class progresses into specific exploratory improvisations allowing us the chance to discover, play and surprise ourselves in our capacity for movement. Aspects from the improvisations are accumulated to inform set exercises which than develop into larger choreographic phrases. Awareness is built from head to toe with an understanding of where movement initiates from, where it travels and how it exists within our bodies and within space. The aim is for the dancer to become a clear and dynamic vessel of expression, where alertness is established within the whole body and where there is no separation between the dancer and his/her dance.
Judith Sánchez Ruíz\ Judith Sánchez Ruíz


Judith Sánchez Ruíz is a Cuban born choreographer, performer and teacher based in New York since 1999. She began her dance studies at the age of 11 at the National School of Arts. Ciudad de la Habana. Cuba. She has performed with Trisha Brown Dance Company; David Zambrano; DD Dorvillier; Jeremy Nelson, DanzAbierta Company; Mal Pelo Company; Deborah Hay; and is currently working with Edivaldo Ernesto, and is a member of Sasha Waltz & Dancers emsemble. She was awarded "Mujeres Destacadas (Outstanding Women) 2008" by the Spanish newspaper in NYC, El DIARIO. She was also selected by Dance Magazine as one of the 25 Dancers to Watch in 2010. Ms. Sanchez has presented her choreography throughout the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Cuba. Commissioned choreography works at Danspace Project St. Marks Church, Whitney Museum, Storm King Art Center, (NY), and Work & Progress at Guggenheim Museum, Danish National School of Theater and Contemporary Dance in Copenhagen, Denmark; and Hedwig Dance. Chicago. Her choreography has been presented in numerous festivals including: Sarajevo Jazz Festival, (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Institut Valencià D'Art Modern (IVAM), curated by Robert Wilson (Valencia, Spain); National Academy of Sciences, (Washington D.C.); River To River Festival, Festival Artdanthé, (Paris, France). MAC/Museum of Contemporary Art, Festival de Marseille, (France), and Athens Festival. (Greece). Radialsystem, Berlin. (Germany), Garage 29, (Belgium).
Judith Sanchez Ruiz’s have received numerous grants and commissions support, most importantly from The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Cuban Artists Fund (CAF), The American Music Center’s Live Music for Dance program, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Baryshnikov Arts Center: Martha Duffy Resident Artist Spring 2011. DMAC- Duo Multicultural Arts Center 2011, and Movement Research’s Artist-in-Residence 2003-2004 and 2011-2012.

Description of Class
Functionality and Perspective in Dance: Functionality and Perspective in Dance is a contemporary dance class developed from Sánchez Ruíz’s own movement vocabulary and improvisation techniques, with strong formative influences of David Zambrano, Trisha Brown, and Cuban cultural traditions. Focus in the importance of being grounded, dancers work with initiation and arrival, stillness and counter-balance within visceral and organic movement. Rhythms of phrases are defined through natural weight of muscles and extremities, giving students new ways of realizing movement and making dances, encouraging curiosity and exploration.
Arno Schuitemaker\ Arno Schuitemaker


Arno Schuitemaker (1976, The Netherlands) quickly developed himself as an emerging choreographer since his graduation in 2007 and already created a number of successful performances like Proxemics (2007), ZONE (2008), ANOMIA (2008), EXIT (2009), Couple (2010) and TIDE (2011) and The Fifteen Project (2012). Other works were created for Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy, Artez Dance Academy in Arnhem, Legitimate Bodies Dance Company in Ireland, and Dutch company Conny Janssen Danst.

He is a guest teacher at the BA Dance and Choreography departments of Fontys School of Performing Arts in Tilburg (NL) and he regularly teaches (repertory) workshops and classes for professional dancers and dance students around the world. In 2009, he won the Dioraphte Encouragement Award and in 2010 he received the Brabant supports Top Talent grant.

Class description
The class will focus on the material that Arno Schuitemaker has been developing in his choreographic work. During the dynamic class he’ll focus on using generated energy and dynamics, connecting movements, using weight shifts in order to direct movement, coordination between upper and lower body, and spatial relationships (especially to the floor) in order to create a greater awareness and presence while moving.

Marion Sparber\ Marion Sparber


Originally from Südtirol Italy, Marion is a professional dancer/instructor based in Berlin, Germany. She received her professional dance training at Varium in Barcelona and Iwanson Contemporary Dance School in Munich.
She has collaborated to work with choreographer Sonia Rodriguez, performing their piece “Mabel” in Barcelona and at Tanzherbst Kempten 2013, (Kempten) Germany. She has performed “Urban Shaman and “L’affaire Wettstein” with the Swiss Company: ADN-Dialect. Her solo-work "The Ripe and Ruin" has been performed at (SòlODosenDanza Festival, La Machine Festival, Festival de las Esferas and Theatre of the Company UNA) in Costa Rica and at (TAK Theatre and Ackerstadtpalast) in Berlin.In the last performance "The Wetting Party" a dancepiece of Eldon Pulak Marion performed at Dock 11 Berlin.
Marion is currently teaching at Marameo Berlin, Deltebre Dansa Festival (Spain), and was teaching professional Training at Maxime d’Harroche and open Training at Varium (Barcelona).

Anhand von bewußten Übungen und tänzerischen Spielen erkennen wir unseren Körper und schulen unsere Wahrnehmung, um ihn als Medium im Tanz zu nutzen. Der Wunsch, uns durch Bewegung mit unserem Inneren zu verbinden und deshalb auszudrücken wird in jeder Klasse eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Durch eine bunte Mischung aus Übungen in der Gruppe, mit einem Partner und auch alleine lernen wir zu spüren, mit der Bewegung zuzuhören, loszulassen und Spass zu haben. Im Warm-up lösen wir die Blockaden unseres Körpers, erhöhen seine Kraft und Flexibilität, um uns koordiniert im Raum bewegen zu können. Rhythmuswechsel sowie musikalische Präzision werden in kurzen Tänzerischen Phrasen behandelt und helfen uns in der Choreographie Dynamikwechsel klarer umzusetzen.

We start the class by opening our channels of awarness and feeling our body. The warm-up is focussed on passing through the whole body and expanding our flexibility and strength. We use the playfullness in our movement to connect to our natural flow of the breath. With the help of exercises in different constellations - in a group, with a partner and alone - we listen to the weight of our body and direct it through space. An impotant aspect of the training is the focus on the momentum in movement and on integrating changes of dynamic and musicality in short movement phrases.
Stella Zannou\ Stella Zannou


Stella Zannou has studied dance and choreography in London College of Dance, London Studio Centre, the American college of Greece (BA) and at the Greek State School of Dance. In 2006 she founded “Smack Dance Company”, in Athens, with which she has presented her own choreographic works in theatres and festivals such as the “5th and 6th Athens International Dance Festival”, “Tanzwelten 2009” - Germany, “No Ballet Festival” – 2010, Germany “Solo and duo dance festival” in Budapest (choreographed for Prosxima co), etc.
Stella has collaborated as a dancer with Clint Lutes, Walter Bickmann, Maya Lipsker, Richard Siegal , Nana Vahla, M.Klien, Nickolas Mortimore, Yannis Antoniou and Kunst – stoff, Editta Braun, Thomas Mettler, Apostolia Papadamaki, Haris Mandafounis, K.Mixos, Prosxima dance co, Landscape dance co, etc
She has been teaching contemporary dance in Germany, Greece, Italy, etc and is currently living and working in Berlin.

Class description
Although technical elements are found in this contemporary class, the basic aim is to make dancers aware of the weight and rhythm of movement as well as to dance without fear and hesitation by using their physicality and full energy.
Trying to discover and develop a personal way of moving, I encourage personal expression and personal differences to exist, by using simple improvisation exercises.
At the same time, this class is a very strengthening training, preparing dancers for the dance demands of our times. Influences are found from different dance techniques as well as from martial arts. Floor work is a very important part of the class and although
acrobatics and hand stands are found, these are not the main goal of the class. The focus is on the safety of the body and flow of movement.
In general, this class is most often considered to be a very joyful and challenging class attracting dancers who love the physicality of dancing.
Sigal Zouk\ Sigal Zouk


Sigal Zouk, geboren in Israel 1971, studierte Tanz an der Emek Yizreel-dance school. 1994 - 1996 war sie Mitglied des Ensembles der ‘Batsheva dance company‘ unter der Leitung von Ohad Naharin und Naomi Perlov. 1997 zog sie nach Berlin und tanzte mit Helge Musial, Joseph Timm und Luc Dunberry. 1999 - 2004 war sie Mitglied von ‘Saha Waltz & guests‘. 2005-08 arbeitete sie mit Meg Stuart (‘replacement’, ‘maybe forever‘/choreographic assistant, ‘all together now’). Seit 2007 arbeitet sie mit dem Theaterregisseur Laurent Chetouane zusammen und probt derzeit an der sechsten Kollaboration ‘Publikumsbeschimpfung’.

Sigal Zouk born in Israel. She studied dance in Emek Yizreeldance school. and was a member of the ‘Batsheva` ensemble (Artistic directors: Ohad Naharin, Naomi Perlov). 1997 she moved to Berlin and worked with Helge Musial, Joseph Timm, Luc Dunbery. 1999-2004 Sigal joined ‘Sasha Walts & guests‘. 2005-2008 she worked with Meg Stuart in ‘replacement‘, ‘maybe forever‘ (choreogaphic asistent), ‘all together now‘. Since 2007 she is working with theater director Laurent Chetouane and currently rehearsing in their sixth collaboration ‘publikumsbeschimpfung’.
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