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30. - 31.Oktober 20.00 h nächste >
Diego Gil & Igor Dobricic > About Falling 
Performance, oncept: Diego Gil, Igor Dobricic Choreography Diego Gil, Dramaturgy: Igor Dobricic, Dance: Lucia Russo, Felix Marchand, Norberto Lopis Segara
“It is not us that are falling, feeling, failing, folding. It is rather that in relation to the world, we are constituted by a fall. We are a music of fall. To tell about a fall is to conclude that fall already happened. This dance performance is the act of remem-brance through which we are hoping to recover meaning of the fall and miraculously, get free from it. Fly.”

About falling is the outcome of a one year exchange and collaboration between choreographer Diego Gil and dramaturge Igor Dobricic. In it‘s content and form this outcome would not be what it is without the intense involvement of the dancers and the composer Tarek Atoui and light designer Vinnie Jones.

> 31.10.08 Public talk with Peter Stamer

Supported by the Royal Netherlands Embassy

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Foto: Dobricic
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