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apap Performing Europe 2011-2016
02.September 15.00 h nächste >
Showing mit Diego Gil "bsides" 

mit Rob List, Igor Dobricic, Tian Roteveel, Pablo Fontdevilla
Incoorporating some decades of performing, teaching and learning, Rob List presence will articulate the expressive body at the limit of language (almost escaping abstraction of expression): the edge moment in which Rob List wants to say the poem with words but retrieves in the believe of the pure expressive capabilities of the art of movement.

This showing will present one side of the new creation by choreographer and philosopher Diego Gil. In his new creation two generations of performance artists radically different in age and art traditions will perform side by side to each other in two different and successive parts of the same evening performance.

Rob List a performer artist in his sixties coming from the “Abstract Expressionism” tradition and with a strong signature of work after many years of practice will perform side by side with five young dancers from a dance school with lesser experience in performance art and undergoing what is called the “Altermodern” tradition.

Diego Gils last work “The Half” was named as the new expression of the young generation in dance. He is one of the European network artists of Advancing Performing Arts Project – Performing Europe 2011-2016. The Opening ceremony of APAP will be held on 2nd of September 6 pm with secretary of culture, Berlin, André Schmitz and all artists and organizers of the network.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Botschaft des Königreichs der Niederlande.

Ort: Tanzfabrik Berlin/Wedding, Uferstudio 5
Uferstr. 8/23, 13357 Berlin
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